Welcome to our webpage! Psychological Services of St. Louis, LLC is a group practice providing psychological assessment, career development services and counseling/psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and groups. We are located in the Richmond Heights area, near St. Mary's Medical Center. Our highly trained, accomplished clinicians include:

Brittany N. Murphy, PhD, LPC, NCC
Gregory A. Goldman, PhD
Jennifer Self, PhD, LPC
Timika Edwards, PhD
Melissa Taylor, MA, PLPC
Rebecca Wolfslau, MA, PLPC

We are a group of experienced mental health professionals who provide only the highest quality services. We provide a safe, confidential and comfortable atmosphere and do our utmost to attend to the needs of our clients. We strongly value empirical grounding in our work, in the context of sound clinical judgment based on years of training and expertise. As a group, we honor the dignity and individuality of all who come to our offices, regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, disability, sexual or gender identity.

We are proud to serve to the LGBTQIA community!

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Notice: Psychological Services of St. Louis is growing! 
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