Listed below are a number of documents related to our services. Some of these will need to be filled out before we can provide services to you. For convenience, we have created packets that contain all the necessary documents for new clients. Just click the link to view and/or download the packet. Links to other documents you may need are provided below. At the bottom of the page you can also find links to post-treatment outcome and satisfaction surveys. Taking the time to complete these after your treatment ends will help us improve our services.
*Note: Documents are constantly under development. Dates of publication are listed by each document so you will know whether you have the most current version.

Our client information form, which is completed by all clients of our services prior to the first meeting, is now available online! Click here to fill it out in advance of your session. (Please note that some signatures will still be required; to fill out just the forms that require signatures, click here.)

PacketsDate Posted
For individual therapy clients
     (If your therapist is under supervision, use this packet)
For couples
     (If your therapist is under supervision, use this packet)
For assessment clients8/14/16
*Note: Although you do not need to print and sign it, new clients should save a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices for your records.

Other DocumentsDate Posted
Notice of Privacy Practices7/7/17
Schwartz Outcome Scale-10
(for individual psychotherapy clients)
Locke-Wallace Relationship Adjustment Test
(for couples therapy clients)
Release Form
(if you need us to communicate with someone else)

Post-Treatment SurveysDate Posted
For individual therapy clients8/25/13
For couples (print two copies)8/26/13